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Misako Tsuchiya

Misako weaves martial arts, holistic health practices, spiritual consciousness, and social justice as an Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong practitioner and teacher.


Born and raised in Japan, and later immigrating to the U.S. in 1981, Misako’s journey has been inspired and influenced by her self-care and community care in response to her personal life transitions, health challenges, her human rights advocacy work, and her calling to help heal Mother Earth. 


At an early age, Misako was already politicized, seeking answers as to why people suffered from social and political turmoil, and why injustices existed in the world. Misako’s husband Mo Nishida guided and led her to connect with many political activists, social justice efforts, and elders in the Native community.  This led to her involvement in human rights advocacy work, including working together and building friendships with political prisoners. Misako dedicated her time to writing letters to political prisoners, as extensions of love and healing in their times of loss and confinement. She has come to see and understand the “human” side of the prisoners vs. how they have been criminalized by society and the media. 


Through her involvement in Native ceremonies and sweatlodges, she sees the importance of the need for each individual to honor and appreciate their bodies as sacred, that everything is sacred, and that we are all a part of Mother Earth. 

Misako has been studying and teaching Alexander Technique for over 30 years. She is influenced by many teachings, such as those of Nagao Sensei, the Japanese Healing Arts of Noguchi Seitai, and her Internal Martial Arts teacher, Marvin Quon. Her deeper studies into Reichian Therapy have added to her ability to make significant improvements in her well-being, finding that she had been holding onto so much trauma from the past, and that she could find a lot of life’s answers within herself. 

Misako is one of the first graduates of the Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles (ATI-LA), culminating her program in 1990. As one of the earliest graduates in Southern California, she is the first teacher of Japanese descent. She has worked with diverse communities throughout greater Los Angeles, including grass-roots and community-based organizations, high school youth, within academic institutions such as UCLA, spoken word artists, and actors, guiding them to their fullest expressions of themselves in body, mind, and life purpose. Her work experiences as a caregiver and community caretaker, as well as her life experiences as a wife, mother, advocate, and teacher supplement her work as an Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong practitioner and educator. With this background, her holistic and loving approach has led many people to find positive direction in their health and well-being, as they reach an understanding of their sacred and true selves. 



Misako honors lineages of martial artists, thought leaders, spiritual elders, and freedom-fighters in her work teaching and guiding people from all walks of life. She serves and works from the approach that as a teacher and practitioner, she does not heal or cure; she is merely present to assist and guide, and that it is ultimately the student or client that must feel empowered to take responsibility for their own health. To Misako, the answers are within each of us and we do not need to seek outside of ourselves. She believes it is important that each person realizes their purpose and happiness. It is this self-realization that initiates a self-healing journey that is necessary for collective healing.

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