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Tai chi 

    Tai Chi is an internal Chinese Martial Art that is composed of many different styles, from defense to "moving meditation" to smoother and gentle movements. Yang style Tai Chi is more popularly known for exercise and its benefits towards good health. It involves slow, gentle movements, natural breathing, and mental focus.   Benefits include relaxation, better circulation, improved balance, stability, better mental health, and an increase in energy level. Misako's teaching incorporates the more gentle Yang style Tai Chi to assist her students to achieve balance and good health. 


       Qi Gong is a mind-body-spirit-centered exercise that integrates strengthening, stretching, relaxation, and deep breathing to help promote overall wellness. Qi Gong is a 5000 year old method of exercising for health and longevity in China and is a practice that has been passed on for centuries by its people. It has the power to assist in the healing of chronic injuries and illnesses. Qi Gong is named after its promotion of the movement of Qi energy in the body as energy channels are stimulated. Each movement and exercise has relevant intention and effect on the body, whether they are subtle or more intense. 

        By opening the flow of energy in existing meridians, we can start to feel more of the Life Force in our body. From healing physical imbalances to emotional stress to spiritual crisis, Qi Gong can cultivate and restore overall health and wellness in our bodies and in our lives. 


marvin quon'smethod

    As Misako's Sifu (teacher), Master Marvin Quon has helped her to improve her Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice, as well as understand deeper levels of movement in a holistic way. Master Quon uses a scientific approach in analyzing the principles of Tai Chi. He inspires and instills in his students an understanding of what the practice of Tai Chi truly is, as well as its authentic history and roots.  

    Learning from many different masters, Master Quon has extensive years of scientific study and analysis of the physical body and its mechanisms through important connecting points, such as via the muscles, tendons, psoas, and fascia. He effectively clarifies, demonstrates, and explains the connections between proper energy flow and how to balance one's body through better coordination and self-awareness. Master Quon empowers his students by guiding and encouraging them to embody the physical, energetic, and life balances through the art of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. 

    Misako's many years of study with Master Quon offers her a deep understanding and knowledge of the connection between the human body, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. She seeks to teach and promote living in alignment with Natural Law to create one's most true and real self. As a healer and teacher, Misako excels at inspiring her students to: focus on connecting with and following the flow of energy, increase their knowledge and understanding of the way things work and why through mindful practice, and exercise patience through a process of good-humored and patient self-observation.

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