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What is the alexander technique?

The Alexander Technique is a powerful way to create changes in our lives through its main components of observation, where we develop an awareness and relationship to our bodies, and inhibition, where we receive signals and relevant insights on how our habits and tendencies may be connected to our overall negative life habits. It was founded by Frederick Matthias Alexander, a Shakespearean actor who was challenged by a chronic voice problem. Through his insights, the Alexander Technique was developed, where we are presented with an opportunity to pause, make observations, and then make clear and conscious decisions for the larger picture of our lives. Using the tool of direction, we can harness our awareness and inhibition to direct energy to ourselves and the movement of our lives.


It also incorporates important practices such as constructive rest in order to take notice of our mind-body connection and its impact on our body’s ability to be at ease or unease. The Alexander Technique is an effective method of awareness practice for people from all walks of life, from people seeking relief from chronic pain and stress to performance artists, athletes, or the everyday person seeking to improve their health and well-being. The Alexander Technique has now been a significant part of health and wellness programs and promotion centers internationally. It is recognized for its effective treatment of chronic pain and stress, while now being integrated in the world of western medicine. 

Alexander Technique lessons integrate guidance from a teacher on becoming self-aware of one’s movement habits, as well as how to utilize tools towards more ease and flexibility. In addition, table work sessions can help to release and increase awareness of the tensions held in our bodies consciously and subconsciously. And, in receiving guidance towards everyday activities such as sitting and walking, we can start to make changes as we live a life filled with ease and efficiency.

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