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 "I feel very fortunate to learn from Misako. Her years of experience is felt in her guidance and gentle touch. Through Alexander Technique lessons, she has helped me unlock expansiveness and wholeness in my being. She is the first Qi Gong teacher I've had all these years who has really broken down in detail each movement so that I can fully embody it. Her teachings are practical and clear and easy to access, motivating me to keep learning all my life."  


-Sapho Flor Teologo LAc, CMT (Licensed Acupuncturist)


"Alexander Technique for me was an awakening. I put so much stock in other forms of 

relaxation but was never aware of the physical and mental benefits of perhaps just using my body more efficiently. To think that a simple change in thought such as "Think Up," a regular remark of Misako's, could do so much in alleviating pressure throughout the spine and easing the rest of the body. I thoroughly enjoyed my [Alexander Technique] practice and Misako Tsuchiya's unique approach to the work is something I'll remember for years to come. Misako is very meticulous and urges you to not only execute movement thoughtfully but also promotes the examination of one's own almost supernatural touch in that she is able to release tension almost immediately when putting hands on. A class is relaxing, painless, and leaves you feeling freer." 


-James Williams


Misako is the best! As a teacher, she continually talks you through each movement, simply telling you where your mind should be focused to achieve the most benefit to body, mind, and spirit. At the same time, Misako has enviable form, is fun to talk to, and has rarely cancelled a class. Her Zoom class helps me to not miss classes too! 

-Marsha Furutani, Lyricist and Musician

"I have been blessed to work with Misako in person for bodywork

adjustments, on Zoom for Qi Gong/Tai Chi classes, and also 1-on-1 coaching with the Alexander Technique. Misako has helped me with my body awareness and given me energetic and emotional support to prepare for my art shows. I feel her attention and care which makes me feel more open to healing and embodying my truth. She is an incredible healer, teacher, very knowledgeable, patient, gentle, and light hearted. When I see her, my spirits automatically light up and my body feels more open and energized. Thank you Misako for your care and gifts!" 

-Tiff Lin, Performer and Chinese Astrology Practitioner


"I had never heard of the Alexander Technique before working with Misako. I think everyone can benefit from this subtle work which helps to increase awareness of how we carry and move our bodies. Through that awareness, we can become more relaxed and comfortable in our bodies. Misako's 30 plus years of experience teaching and administering this technique is apparent in her ability to explain how the body works and what is happening as she guides you through the exercises. She has a wealth of knowledge and anyone who comes to see her is literally and figuratively in good hands!" 

-MP, Lawyer

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"I've had the pleasure and privilege of studying under Master Quon for over three years, and I feel like I'm just scratching the surface. Learning the internal arts is like trying to hold onto a river. Without the proper instruction and guidance, it's futile. This is were Misako has been a great help to me.

When the class hits a wall or plateau in our practice, Master Quon will ask Misako to lead the class in order to help us see what he is talking about. She capably demonstrates what Master Quon teaches. Misako is incredible adept at not only articulating his instruction, but also patiently coaching me in my attempts. 

It's rare to find someone who can do both. The pointers and suggestions she's given me have been very instrumental in my growth and development as a martial artist. I'm very grateful for Misako's contribution to the class, her leadership, and unfathomable patience and kindness. 

-Aaron Mendelson

"These words will express what most of you have experienced in your interaction with Misako. She is a dedicated student of whatever she is currently studying - dedicated, engrossed, into fine detail, and ready to experiment in her daily life. 

I have watched her take Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Alexander Technique into classroom settings for unhouse folks, drug rehabilitation program folks, Japanese senior citizen folks, prison sweat lodge participants, upscale programs for well-to-do young folks, all with the same zeal and attention to detail and dedication with gusto, that we know her for.

And while watching the evolution of her accumulation of experience, to the conclusion that the teaching must point to the development and love for the subject, that also knows the experience of group togetherness, and the need to pass the knowledge on. Operation Bootstrap!

To help the people help themselves. 



I have been training and teaching martial arts for over 47 years now. Tai Chi was the very first art learned under an old Tai Chi teacher by the name of Marshall Ho. In my 47 years of learning having trained both Shaolin and Tai Chi, I have not met a more knowledgeable Tai Chi Sifu than Master Marvin Quon. I have been with Master Quon now a little over seven years, and have seen many students come and go. One stands above the rest in my mind, and that is Misako. I believe her to be his most dedicated student. She has a very good understanding of the principles of Tai Chi that Master Quon teaches, and has been a great help to me on many occasions. She is a very dedicated student with excellent teaching skills. 

-Sifu Frank Servillo

"I'm grateful to get to know Misako's teachings. As a marathon runner, the Tai Chi and Qi Gong were like a massage for my bones, especially my knees, so every morning, I'm pounding my body!!! Gracias, Misako."

-Lola Beltran

"I'm so thankful to have met Misako. Through her unique practice, I've learned more about connecting to my body, my mind, my instrument, and my awareness, than I ever had in my 33 years. She is not only an expert at her craft, but she approaches teaching with c14ompassion and grace and truly values her students. These are teachings I will carry with me through the rest of my life. Thank you, Misako!

-Danny Parker

"I love Misako's Friday morning class! I've only just started and then had to take a break while traveling. But I'll be back. I feel so relaxed and energized after one hour of moving the various parts of my body. I highly recommend this class especially for us seniors!"

-Lynn Lee

"I am so grateful to be a student of Misako Tsuchiya. After my hip-replacement surgery I was having trouble with my balance and fell a few times. It was very frightening. The exercises Misako shares in her Tai Chi class have greatly improved my overall balance and so I feel more confident in my movements. Thank you Misako!"

-Bonnie Berger

Misako is an experienced Alexander technique instructor and versed in Qigong and Tai Chi. I have done extensive training with her in all three disciplines. It was also a pleasure to learn from her. She taught me how to pay attention to my body, while allowing the movement to fulfill its intention. I highly recommend her for teaching any of these areas of practice.

-Richard Skramstad, Alexander Technique Instructor


I appreciate Misako.

-as a teacher and friend.

-for sharing the essence of all she has learned as a dedicated practitioner of Alexander Technique, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Life...

The biggest lesson sounds simple...

-but for me is quite challenging...

-to connect with myself, to be aware, to be centered, to be balanced.

Misako guides me to access my own healing life energy and slowly...through a subtle touch, a reminder cue, she helps me breathe...breathe in and

(where regularly I've been quite content for years, decades...not feeling, not connecting, not noticing all the ideas, habits I've mastered to disconnect)

Basically...Misako helps me to recognize all the movement, habits, thoughts to un-learn in order to more easily access the healing energy that is innate in me. 

Her lessons are invaluable.

Her friendship is precious to me.

I have much love, respect, and gratitude for Misako.


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